Jake Standerwick

I'm a Developer


Full-Stack Developer with experience in a multitude of coding languages and APIs, emphisizing in Augmented and Virtual Reality Development and Mobile Applications

AR/VR Developer

Worked both individually and in scrum groups to accomplish games and projects in the GIMM program at Boise State

  • Age: 21
  • Email: jakestanderwick@yahoo.com
  • Phone: +208 781 8038
  • City: Boise, ID
  • Languages:C#, Python, Swift, HTML/CSS
  • Degree: Bachelor's
  • Freelance: Available

Growing up in Idaho City, Idaho, the small-town feel has always been near and dear to my heart. Being in such a small community, I was always the "IT" guy since I had fallen in love with computers at such a young age. My passion for computing and technology pushed me to join the Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile (GIMM) program at Boise State, and I have been enamored with learning how to program and design in my courses. I am looking to be a Augmented Reality Developer for Mobile Applications, or any position in which I can make a change in the world of technology. Being on the cutting edge of a new technology such as AR has been a blast, and I hope to push the medium into the future of technology that I believe it will be.


Collected in my Portfolio are multiple projects I have done for class assignments, as well as a few passion projects.


I have broken up my skills into two distinct sections, Fluent Skills & Significant Experience. My fluent skills, such as C#, I have had 2-3 years of relevent experience. Significant experience skills I have worked with for around a year, with certain classes teaching me the basics and their use in industry.

Fluent Skills

  • C#
  • Microsoft MRTK
  • SQL
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic/React
  • Android Studio
  • Unity
  • Maya

Significant Experience With:

  • Blender
  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • Python
  • Unreal Engine


This is only a brief rundown on my life experience and education, for my full resume please view here

Professional Summary


Bachelor's in Games, Interactive Media, & Mobile Development

Minor in Information Technology Management
2018 - 2022

Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Program focused on both Augmented and Virtual Reality Development, both in individual efforts and team-based Agile development cycles

Development Lead, GIMM Studio Classrooms

September 2021-Present

Collaborated with 3D Modelers to create functional spaces within classrooms inside the virtual GIMM Studio Space.

Consulted with other team leads to create achievable and realistic goals for the project.

Delegated tasks to development students to fulfill the requirements needed for the spaces.

Lead Programmer, Seed Search

February 2021-May 2021

Learned ARFoundations in Unity Engine’s Development toolkit and delivered a fully functioning prototype to clients in the Boise School District.

Developed curriculum for young children to understand cycles of nature and implemented it into a visually appealing and easy to use interface.

Deployed a complete application to Android, utilizing both the camera and gyroscope.

Non-Related Experience

Intramural Program Manager

8/2018 - Present

Boise State University Recreation Center, Boise, ID

  • Managed and oversaw staff, created schedules, and lead trainings
  • Primary point of contact for any issue
  • Second in command for 25+ individual staff

General Construction Laborer


Admiralty Construction, Douglas, AK

  • General laborer on road construction crew tasked with assisting in pipe-laying.
  • Second-hand to jobsite Polyethylene Pipe fuser along with assorted ditch-digging tasks. In command of both organizing and monitoring traffic control devices across entire jobsite.
  • Mountain Terrain Specialist for rural jobsites, rigging harnesses and cutting trails