Project information

  • Project Type: Photon-Powered Multiplayer
  • Class: GIMM 400
  • Project date: October 2021
  • Youtube Link: Dodgeball

Dodgeball, Multiplayer, & Narrative Design

This project was really an interesting look at how many new things we could learn in a short time. Being done in a month, myself and 2 others worked to learn Photon's multiplayer capabilities, and then create a fun game in which we could show off our game design skills. I was a programmer for this project, as well as helping everything run smoothly in our project timeline. I was also the lead director of the narrative component, and wrote the scripts for the live-action. Adding video to these projects seemed like a necessity, since we were riffing on the popular movie "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story". I created the idea for spoofing ESPN8 "The Ocho" in our own way, and I think that it really added to the overall feel of our game. Although I wish we could have had more time to complete this and add in more functionality, this project pushed us to be resourceful in the small time we had allotted.