Project information

  • Project Type: State-Driven Survival
  • Class: GIMM 400
  • Project date: September 2021
  • Youtube Link: Rabbits!

Rabbits! & State Machines

Rabbits! was our first real introduction into extremely quick game-creation cycles. Being the first of 4 projects that my group would get about a month to complete, this game taught us the ability to work in sprints. I was the Scrum leader on this game, and we worked hard to quickly understand the idea of state machines and how we could get enemies in-game to act as if they were AI. Since this was a very fast development cycle, we struggled with a few things off the bat including having assets in 100% form as well as having fully-fledged animations. These did not necessarily get into the final build of the game, but I am more proud of how we were able to learn quick turnaround times and meeting extremely harsh deadlines by having a great final product.