Project information

  • Project Type: Unreal Engine Developement
  • Class: GIMM 400
  • Project date: December 2021
  • Youtube Link: Santa's Cookies

Santa's Cookies, Unreal Engine, & Blueprints

Santa's Cookies was a really interesting group project in which we diiped our toes into the Unreal Engine for the first time in our GIMM development. This was a 3 week group project from start to finish, and the last of the semester in Fall 2021. We wanted to have some fun with this game and make it a little goofy, so we decided that giving cookies to an ever-growing Santa would be appropriate for the season. The goal of this project was to understand Blueprints a bit better, and I believe that we accomplished that in our time in Unreal. Being such a jarring shift from Unity to Unreal took some getting used to, but we worked hard to create a product that would be both funny and useful for our education.