Project information

  • Project Type: Mobile AR App
  • Class: GIMM 310
  • Project date: February-April 2021
  • Youtube Link: Seed Search

Seed Search & Augmented Reality

Seed Search was one of my favorite projects to complete during my time at Boise State. Combining my love of Mobile App Development and AR, this application is a prototype to help children learn about scientific topics in a new and exciting way. Being the Lead (and only) developer on this application, I taught myself how to use the ARFoundations toolkit in Unity Engine. The end result turned out better than I had even hoped, and our project won 1st place out of the 7 groups creating similar applications. Sadly, this project was handed off to another set of students when I could not commit my summer to working on it as I was already out of state working 80+ hour weeks. Applications like this are what I really hope to create in the future, as I think they are going to be the new technological wave in the coming years!